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It’s been called many things – spare tire, muffin top, love handles. No matter what you call it, the extra padding around your middle can be hard to get rid of. Achieving a flatter stomach is not always possible with diet and exercise alone. 

In some cases, alternative methods are needed to shed stubborn belly fat. If your belly fat is holding you back from the body you’ve always wanted, learn how to attain a slimmer torso with reduced fat.

Maintain a Low-Sugar Diet 

Maintaining a low-sugar diet is a simple yet challenging way to reduce body fat. Sugar is composed of several molecules among which include glucose and fructose. While glucose is produced by the body and is essential for a healthy metabolism, fructose is not a natural molecule and our bodies do not produce it. 

Fruits (especially when juiced or dried), honey and sweet beverages are commonly rich in fructose. When you eat excess amount of this food, it gets metabolized by the liver. When the liver gets overwhelmed with excess sugar, it turns fructose into fat, which is then secreted into the blood leading to several problems in the body.

Cut Carbs

Proper nutrition is key to keeping those extra pounds off your midsection. One way to achieve a healthier diet is by cutting carbs. A low carbohydrate diet promotes the loss of deep belly fat around the organs, also referred to as visceral fat. Visceral fat is linked to a wide range of health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Even thin people can have visceral fat. By cutting unhealthy carbs such as rice, pasta, bread and other starch-rich food from your diet, you can help reduce visceral fat while decreasing your risk of developing chronic diseases.

Eat More Protein and Fiber

Incorporating more protein and fiber into your meals could help you reduce body fat more easily. Not only do protein and fiber help you feel fuller with lower calorie foods, you’ll be able to burn off more calories without feeling hungry. Protein can be found in dairy products, seafood, and meats such as poultry, beef and pork. Also try to eat more fiber-rich foods like lentils, split peas, black beans, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

Work Out

Exercise is one of the fastest ways to a flatter, toned stomach. However, not all workouts are made equal. For example, exercises like crunches only work the muscles on the front and sides of the abdomen. It’s better to adapt a core stabilization exercise or high resistance exercise plan that works more muscles while burning more calories. Incorporate core exercises like planks which help to stabilize the pelvis and spine to improve posture.

Try Non-Invasive Fat Removal like The Coolsculpting Treatment

Coolsculpting is an innovative technique used to reduce belly fat without surgery. The non-invasive fat reduction process involves freezing fat cells without harming the skin. Once the fat cells are crystallized, using the fat freezing treatment, the fat cells die as your body naturally eliminates it and they are gone for good. The Coolsculpting procedure has been cleared by the US FDA and is considered safe for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the abdomen, thigh, flank, and the chin (submental areas). Cool sculpting is currently a popular non-invasive fat reduction procedure with millions of satisfied patients worldwide including Hollywood celebrities such as the Kardashians.

Although losing excess belly fat can be very challenging, there are so many simple and effective ways to get rid of it. But if you don’t know where to start, it’s always great to consult the experts to get your desired body goals.