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Don’t let extra flab on your arms get you down. There are many easy ways to eliminate excess fat and achiever firmer skin. From good old fashioned exercise to new non-invasive procedures like Exilis and CoolSculpting, it’s never been easier to create toner looking arms. Say goodbye to arm jiggle with the following treatment options. 

1. Exercise

Exercise is one way to tone up your arms. There are three main groups of muscles in your arms that you can tone, including the triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles. Working these muscles can help strengthen them overtime, resulting in a reduction of fat and a buildup of muscle mass. Some great exercises to try that help to tone up your arms include:

  • Chin ups
  • Barbell curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Military press
  • Diamond push-ups
  • Dips

2. Exilis

If you’ve tried exercise with no success, Exilis may be the right option for you. Created by BTL Aesthetics, this device uses radiofrequency waves to heat up specific layers of tissue to melt away excess fat and tighten skin. Exilis technology is currently available in two models: the Exilis Protégé for facial treatments and the Exilis Elite for body treatments. During treatment, the device emits radiofrequency waves which penetrate and heat up layers of skin.

Exilis was designed to be comfortable and painless. There are no injections or needles involved and therefore no need for topical anesthetics. Most patients are able to easily tolerate the procedure. Exilis also contains safety features which make it a popular option for patients who are worried about damaging their skin. Cooling technology occurs simultaneously with the radiofrequency waves to ensure that the skin stays cool as the waves penetrate the skin.

3. CoolSculping

The noticeable, long-lasting results can be achieved without surgery and when diet and exercise haven’t worked. In addition to the arms, CoolSculpting fat removal is suitable for the stomach, love handles, neck area, back and bra areas, thighs, and male chest.

Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than their surrounding tissues. The CoolSculpting device is able to target fat cells beneath the skin and cool them to the proper temperature for natural cell death. As fat cells crystalize faster than normal cells, no damage is caused to the skin or nerves. Over time the treated fat cells shrink and are naturally metabolized by the body. 

Whether you want to wear strapless dresses this summer or simply want to feel more confident in your skin, toning your arms can improve your body and self-esteem. Exercise is one way to create more shapely arms but toning through workouts doesn’t work for everyone. 

If you want a faster and more effective way to achieve slimmer arms without liposuction or surgery, try safe fat removal via Exilis or CoolSculpting in Singapore. Schedule a consultation with our Harvard-trained and US Board Certified skin specialist Dr. Sylvia Ramirez to learn more about these non-invasive treatments.